Buzz Talk
By Pitbullina

Ατάκα της ημέρας Νο2: Η Rummer Willis πιστεύει ότι είναι ίδια η μητέρα της.


With her long, pale, oval face, the 20-year-old rising star is unusually pretty rather than conventionally beautiful.

Διπλωματικός τρόπος για να μη πει ότι δε βλέπεται. ‘Μα έχει καλή προσωπικότητα!’

‘There was a picture in a magazine recently about lookalike mothers and daughters and I saw that I looked exactly like my mum. My little sister [14-year-old Tallulah] looks exactly like my dad and my middle sister [Scout, 17] is a mixture of the two.’




Ένα Σχόλιο to “Ατάκα της ημέρας Νο2: Η Rummer Willis πιστεύει ότι είναι ίδια η μητέρα της.”

  1. καλα μασ δουλευει το μπαζο? ουστ!


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